Saturday, March 23, 2013

Am Frustrated to Keep AntiVirus Updated!

I generally keep AV in auto update mode, but the problem is on my old low-end PC whenever I start internet connection my Avast! AV takes loads of RAM and it slows down the performance, specially if I am about to run Opera, Chrome or Firefox. Also I hate Avast!'s sudden voice that says it has been updated.

So I put Avast! AV in no update mode, no big deal for me, as I know what I am doing with my computer.

But whenever I try to update it manually, even with very high speed connection (upto 7.2 Mbit/s) it takes hell of a time and keeps loads of RAM occupied. Only solution is to download Avast! AV update file from its server in exe package and run it. But it is nearly 50 MB in size, which sucks bigtime.

What I can remember that one of my friends had Kaspersky Internet Security - paid version (now KIS is an utter shit, coming to this point in next para) and what I saw it is always updating its database. Even the computer is 2 hours off, it started saying your KIS is not updated. WTF !!

Now-a-days if people ask me to recommend security software, I don't recommend. I just say I am using Avast! AV, not Internet Security. If you are on genuine Windows get Microsoft Security Essential otherwise choose anything you want. Get paid version of Norton or QuickHeal or whatever free Avast or AVG. Your choice, and you may get fucked up even with all precautions.

Unless you are a porn addict or download shitty programs over torrent or other sites as they free, I don't feel that everyone do not security programs. Best is to shift to Linux. There virus are less, but adware or spyware may be there if you are a jackass. Even on Android there are some badware. One of my close senior told me that people need to be digitally literate, and I also believe so.
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