Sunday, March 24, 2013

Medical Websites & Forum Listings

Though I generally don't post medical stuffs over my blog, as on this field there are many people who know stuffs better than me. However I am to list the websites as well the forums where you can get your MBBS and post-graduation study stuffs, tips, ebooks easily.

It has wide coverage including a Wikipedia page.
The homepage is
the forum link is:

AcrossPG - has wide network
Exam page:
Can not pass comment, but might be it was good before NEET saga.

Another forum for medical students, now packs other fields like engineering, biology, various competitive exams and others. Medical forum was ok, now not so good.

There is a medical section - it's great for USMLE!

Once very active, now bit slowed down. Good for undergraduate students as it has quite good stuffs (though many links are broken over there)

Forum is active, posts various staffs with recent advancements.

CafeMedico - another forum in town!

PG Blazer - Blaze your way towards a medical PG seat!
These one delivers all updates on India's post graduation medical exams and others.

Great source of new e-books, frequently updated.
If you are looking for video lectures, this site is for you. Though Dr. Najeeb has some video over youtube, it is not FREE, comes for $99 for 2 years (1year + free 1 year). I personally checked some videos Dr. Najeeb is nice to clear your concepts.
** Over torrent there is a collection of Dr. Najeeb's lecture, you can download for free. Size: 95 GB
Not exactly a forum or website, rather a online center for MCQ, test for NEET. Most services are paid. Have a facebook page*.

* The fb app of this website, has a bad habit, to post pictures on your behalf. Please take care (don't allow the permissions while installing it on facebook)

Medical Council of India

PagalGuy (PG) -
Not truly for medical students, actually for MBA students, but if you like to do MBA after MBBS you can take a chance here. Forum:

NOT WORKING ANYMORE !! #RIP - had good collection, but links are not working. - last updated in 2008, links are invalid
gigapedia.orgonce my fav site to search ebooks, now the website removed. - removed - removed - zero post


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Am Frustrated to Keep AntiVirus Updated!

I generally keep AV in auto update mode, but the problem is on my old low-end PC whenever I start internet connection my Avast! AV takes loads of RAM and it slows down the performance, specially if I am about to run Opera, Chrome or Firefox. Also I hate Avast!'s sudden voice that says it has been updated.

So I put Avast! AV in no update mode, no big deal for me, as I know what I am doing with my computer.

But whenever I try to update it manually, even with very high speed connection (upto 7.2 Mbit/s) it takes hell of a time and keeps loads of RAM occupied. Only solution is to download Avast! AV update file from its server in exe package and run it. But it is nearly 50 MB in size, which sucks bigtime.

What I can remember that one of my friends had Kaspersky Internet Security - paid version (now KIS is an utter shit, coming to this point in next para) and what I saw it is always updating its database. Even the computer is 2 hours off, it started saying your KIS is not updated. WTF !!

Now-a-days if people ask me to recommend security software, I don't recommend. I just say I am using Avast! AV, not Internet Security. If you are on genuine Windows get Microsoft Security Essential otherwise choose anything you want. Get paid version of Norton or QuickHeal or whatever free Avast or AVG. Your choice, and you may get fucked up even with all precautions.

Unless you are a porn addict or download shitty programs over torrent or other sites as they free, I don't feel that everyone do not security programs. Best is to shift to Linux. There virus are less, but adware or spyware may be there if you are a jackass. Even on Android there are some badware. One of my close senior told me that people need to be digitally literate, and I also believe so.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sharing My Android Xp

  • It says you are not smart unless you use 3G/WiFi on your smartphone. But with 2G you can do email, facebook and twitter with ease. 3G/4G/WiFi is for those are into video!
  • Google Play Store may take long time when I am on 2G :(
  • Are you fear about Rooting of your device? Don't worry it is like removing block to access your system32 folder on Windows. Most rooting programs offer unroot - it is necessary if you are going to claim free warranty.
  • Vanilla flavor of Android is best on all devices, but don't try launchers on your 512 MB RAM running devices - too slow! Samsung's TouchWiz is ok, just ok on low end devices. 
  • If you change your Android devices too frequently, get the .apk (similar to Windows' .exe) from other sites. [Or root your device to get the apk]
  • How to get apk files on your rooted device - under mnt/asec or data/app. Recommended app to go this folder and copy to other folder - Root Explorer/Total Commander.

Will be updated!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

New Avast! 8 - Looks You Never Had on AntiVirus

I am a long term Avast! Free Antivirus user, and I recommend it to my friends and family as a free AV. Inspite of recent rise of Microsoft Security Essentials on genuine Windows running laptops many of them are old Windows XP users. So Avast! does do a decent job.

Avast! was probably the first AV which has a long history of playing with UI. The first one I used had a media player like UI and there were tons of skins for it. Avast!7 had another cool interface, and the latest one just blows me!

How to Configure Internet Settings on Unlocked MTS MTag Smartphones

If you are looking for cheap, entry-level CDMA Android smartphones, you simply can not ignore MTS India's MTag series. The imported CDMA smartphones are pricey - most of them are over 10,000 bucks. So what if you have decided to burn the pocket less - unlocked MTag smartphones can be your best buy.

Now there are several MTag phones available - MTag Livewire (resistive touch= obsolete), MTag 3.1, MTag 351, MTag 352, MTag 401, MTag 353, MTag 281.

Though MTag 401 and MTag 353 are my choice, till now I didn't find any unlocked variant of them appeared over online - ebay or other sites.

Friday, March 08, 2013

MTS India - Circles & Services [IMAGE MAP]

In the recently concluded auction MTS did pull out from more 3 circles - Mumbai, Maharastra & Goa and Uttar Pradesh East. 

UCWEB - The Issues I Faced

If you are on mobile internet, you probably heard of UCWeb browser. It claims to be the most popular browser in India on mobile front. I used it for around a week and I find it not so good.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Reliance Jio Infocomm (formerly Infotel Broadband) - Updates #3

I am leeching all news updates of Reliance Jio Infocomm (RIL Infotel Broadband) for some months as I am closely following the developments over internet.

Earlier I made two posts, which continue in this post too.

Reliance Infotel - Updates #1
Reliance Infotel - Updates #2

Reliance Infotel Broadband is now Reliance Jio Infocomm - TimesofIndia

Reliance Infotel To Launch Video Ad Network - MediaNama

Reliance is looking for financial services, PoS with differnet banks - MediaNama

Navi Mumbai may get first 4G flavor from Jio Infocomm -  HinduBusiness
Street lamp posts will be added with smaller BTS.

DoT: voice calls are allowed over 4G/LTE with payment of Rs 1650 Crore. Details!

LightReading's 4G updates - Airtel, Aircel, RJI, Videocon, Tikona

Airtel tested voice over LTE/4G in Pune, and planning to rollout services. Airtel also plans to start 4G in ChandiGarh in March 1st week.

Is Mukesh Ambani making a telecom comeback with Reliance Jio? - firstpost

Row over voice services on broadband gets shrill - TheHindu

Mukesh Ambani’s $10-billion telecom foray set to alter telecom order - ETT

$10-billion telecom foray

 Telecom foray will cost Ambani $10 billion, of which RIL has spent about $4 billion in getting licences and on infrastructure development. The company would spend $6 billion in the next three years to launch and stabilize operations. Riding on the success of its deal with BP, the company is eyeing to get the largest foreign direct investment in the country by selling a little over 25% stake in Reliance Jio for $3.5 billion to US-based AT&T, valuing the company at $14 billion — 60% more than the combined market cap of Idea Cellular  ($6.14 billion) and Reliance Communications ($2.4 billion) or 63% of Bharti Airtel's market cap of $22 billion, even before its launch.

Aims to be No. 1

It aims to become India's largest telecommunications player within three years of the launch and to break even by the end of third year. Analysts believe Ambani will definitely change the pecking order in the world's third biggest telecom market as most players are reeling under huge debts amid falling margins . Sunil Mittal got the better of the Ambanis when the latter disrupted the Indian telecom market a decade ago. The jury is out on which way the wind would blow the second time.

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio Infocomm dares GSM players to face competition; denies charges -  ETT