Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reliance CDMA STV94 for Data & SMS - All Details

If you don't know I am a guy who embrace CDMA technology over GSM. Reasons are many, and I told them many times on this blog or on There is high chance that you don't know that Reliance offers an awesome data plan for its CDMA customers - for Rs 15.66 you will get 1GB high speed data & unlimited local and std sms for a month! Recharge with Rs 94, and get the mentioned benefits for 6 months.

Now the worst part is there is almost zero promotion of this plan from Reliance. I came to know about this via - the ultimate forum for CDMA fanboys in India. Last week I went to Reliance WebWorld store at Barrackpore, the nearest one from my house to recharge STV94 on my prepaid CDMA number. They told it has been withdrawn. Even a retailer also confirmed that, while most of them are not aware of such plan.

When I asked about this on Rimweb, there members told it is available widely. I checked on Reliance's MyServices, and to my surprise it is available for my number also! I did recharged it and it is successful. Let me enjoy Reliance CDMA's high speed data (Evdo rev A) services and I will do a review kind of post.

  • data balance will not instantly show up on your account, may take upto 24 hrs.
  • sms and data is valid on roaming too 
  • to check data balance send MBAL to 55333
  • check data balance after 12 hours, if the data balance is showing up, then connect to internet
  • Settings:
    username: net
    password: net
  • check core balance - BBAL 10DigitMobileNo to 53535
  • or Visit to [change to your no.]
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