Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tata Docomo CDMA Prepaid Mobile & Drama

Tata Docomo CDMA Saga
  1. Used STV95, bundled data & main account balance exhausted and I had negative balance. That should not be happen, but TTL says that’s the system, they can not disconnect internet on CDMA. I used MTS, BSNL CDMA and Reliance CDMA – nothing such happened with me.
  2.  TTL did a mess, it does not show how much negative balance the customer has. On calling 12527 it's always zero.
  3. Called 198, the lady told me she can not check my negative balance, rather asked me to call 121.
  4. Called from Tata Docomo GSM to 121, they can not help me for CDMA mobile.
  5. Tried to call 198, but call did not go to CC representative, instead IVR says to visit Tata Store. Though Tata Store could not help me.
  6. Mailed to listen@tatadocomo.com, reply: no negative balance w.r.t M11463391 Dec 7
  7. On 9th Dec topup of Rs 25 by coupon was done on 92304***** but balance was zero very soon. I became suspicious that there may be some negative balance.
  8. Again mailed to listen@tatadocomo.com, reply: we do not find any recharge done on my mobile that day (w.r.t. M11486117)
  9. On 10th Dec I recharged Rs 20 by online recharge of tata Docmo to check out transaction details. I got Rs 15.8 as talktime and I made some calls. After 2-3 hours I got text from 12527 saying: my core balance is 0.00
  10. Then called 198 the guy confirmed there are some Rs 53.xx as negative balance.
  11. Next I recharged my no, with Rs 110. Nearly after 12 hrs the negative balance was not adjusted.
  12. Tweeted @tatadocomo got the same causal reply.
  13. Top up of Rs 20 done on Dec 11.
  14. At around 5pm Dec 11, the negative balance adjusted. and I was able to access internet.
  • Note that when you have negative balance you can not access internet, even on 1x.
  • Tata Docomo customer care is exceptionally good even over twitter or email, that's for GSM customers only. CDMA customers will be fucked up as usual as TTL has no interest for voice customers on CDMA platform.
Which You May Ask Me
Why nobody is interested in CDMA and you are using Tata CDMA

I am well interested on CDMA, my primary no is MTS CDMA, own a Reliance CDMA, tried my hands with BSNL CDMA. On my personal take CDMA EVDO is superior to 3G/HSPA simply because of coverage, 3G/HSPA may be faster at a time, but EVDo offers consistency.  I am using Tata CDMA because it offers best priced high speed internet on mobile – 4.5 GB for Rs 95. 

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