Saturday, December 01, 2012

Opera 12.11 is A Big Let Down

After each and every update comes on Opera Desktop Browser, it needs more polish up and subsequent next minor release comes. Generally the major update comes with so many crashing that some bugs need to be fixed ASAP.

But this new release of v12.11 is a big mess for Opera users. I find some issues:

1. You can not select some text on any webpage, the selection is removed in a fraction of second. You need to hold it clicking left click and ctrl+c very fast. So no way you can not right click to copy or copy to note.

2. Often you will find that one or more tabs can not load pages, while other tabs can load pages. I find this peculiar as a section of a forum can be loaded on a tab, but another tab can't load it.

3. No smooth transition of the extensions. You need to authentize the Twitter Timeline and other extensions.

As I am using Opera@USB for some time, I moved back to Opera v12.02 - the last stable version.

## Interesting that the within 6 days of v12.11 release the first snapshot of upcoming v12.12 was released.

Opera Desktop Team Blog

These days though I use Opera, I don't recommend it to my friends who just getting into computing (well I have many as I am doing graduation in medicine). For them Chrome suits best - simple and fast. Firefox is dead for me. Maxthon is another favorite for me, though I seldom use it.
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