Saturday, November 17, 2012

2G Auction 2012: Not a Great Story for India to Share with the World

Following the very poor response, financially and technically, all the blame go to TRAI who recommended Rs 18,000 cr for pan India spectrum. The spectrum auction for 1800MHz later priced for Rs 14000 cr for pan India 5MHz spectrum which is too high for operators who had shelled out money for 3G and 4G spectrum and in high debt. Operators’ bodies – COAI and AUSPI repeatedly told that this price will replicate in negative growth of the sector but regulatory bodies TRAI and DoT did not took them in ears.

The tepid response tells that CAG did miscalculation of Rs 1.76 lakh cr loss on 2008 spectrum sale. They messed up because they took 3G auction as basic, and 3G auction went fierece as operators thought 3G growth story would be same great as 2G were.