Monday, July 30, 2012

Telecom/Broadband Forums in India

Over the years there are many forums founded over internet for discussion of broadband/telecom scenario in India.

Forumz India ( which was earlier know as India Mobile Forum ( Once the site was very much active, but these days not so active, few members are still active but certainly facebook and social networking hits on it.

Broadbandforums of India

As I find there are 3 forums of which URLs containing broadband. - very active, birthplace of Hayai lie (which is still rolling), and admin is fucked up by members and eventually bans those are against him. - very active and lots of user generated contents. But surprisingly Google results often don't suggest this site. - few members, and fewer are active but content wise best one! - best site for CDMA discussion in India. Very active forum, buy-n-sell subforum is a great place to get imported CDMA and GSM phones at an attractive price! - dedicated to BSNL EVDO. Currently not very much active due to BSNL's failure to create hype around its EVDO services.

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