Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buggy MBlaze Application?

I am using MTS MBlaze for around 2 years since its inception in Indian wireless broadband market. But I am very much in doubt that the default MBlaze application is fucking buggy!

It disconnects the internet connection in the middle, and auto-reconnects for a few seconds. It is done so silently that even you could not understand that disconnection happens. Bad for you if you are doing some online transaction. (MTS MBlaze v 1.0.27)

But funny thing is when I use BSNL dialer, this problem does not happen!! :-O

Another irritating part is whenever you connect, a new webpage (Yahoo-MTS cobranded homepage) will open! It also happens with new v23 Huawei Mobile Partner (I reverted back to Nirav's v21 or v22 custom version, I can't remember right now).

developing story...

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