Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letsbuy - Bought & Killed [Shuts Down Stores, Redirects to Flipkart]

From today onwards Letsbuy - the famous one for coupon deals gets shut down. Earlier Letsbuy failed to raise funds and was bought out by Flipkart. Now the merger is complete and all traffic now goes to flipkart.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is Happening in West Bengal? :O

I did not post a single blogspot article on politics over my blog, because it is not my cup of tea. But this time I feel must do my first one as student is termed openly maoist or SFI/CPM cadre by a chief minister of an Indian state.

Mamata Banerjee, the head of Trinamool Congress and CM of West Bengal has a habit of over-expression and don't know how to speak on public while the audience ask her about some wrongdoing of her party. She proved these before on Park Street rape case (which she remaked as a try to defame her government and later cops proved her wrong, and ultimately those cops were transferred), banning of popular newspapers in  state libraries (as they are defaming her majesty) and facebook cartoon of her and abusing & beating of a Jadavpur Professor.

She also pushed Dinesh Trivedi to resign as Railway Minister as he proposed of fare hike. Many says this happened b'cause she did not like Congress touch of him.

And this one is unique and idiotic!! Yesterday she lost her cool in an interactive tv session in Town hall as the audience asked about women safety in the state, Arabul Islam's activity (who abused and assaulted a lady teacher). She accused the audience, which consisted of students, to be Maoists and CPM cadre and left the hall.

Mamata walks out of show, calls students Maoists - Video 1 Video 2 (Digigiri Unplugged) Video 3 (Students take on Bengal CM).

I feel that she can't take criticism that's her big problem.

Read more: 'অম্বিকেশ' শুনেই অগ্নিশর্মা অগ্নিকন্যা

বিস্ফোরক বই প্রকাশ প্রাক্তন তৃণমূল বিধায়কের - Dipak Ghosh, ex-TMC MLA and ex-IAS officer published his book Mamata Banerjee As I Have Known Her. The book contains exclusive as well as explosive information on didi. He also said that fasting on Singur issue was celebrated with chocolates and sandwiches.

And read comments here on TOI.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tata Photon Max vs MTS MBlaze Ultra vs Airtel 4G: Tariff Comparison

If you think beyond 3G (HSPA & EVDO rev A), you can see EVDO Rev B deployment by MTS/SSTL and Tate Teleservices. MTS till now rolled out its EVDO RevB Phase II network in Jaipur only. MTS Ultra supports upto 4.9Mbps per 1.25MHz channel. As they used 2 carrier channels, MTS Ultra can offer upto 9.8Mbps download speed.

Tata Tele deployed EVDO Rev B Phase I network - with two carrier channel of 1.25MHz Tata Photon Max offers 6.2Mbps (3.1Mbps x2). Currently available in 16 cities.

And on 4G Airtel is the sole operator which launched commercial services in Kolkata and Bangalore. Airtel used LTE-TDD technology on 2.3GHz band of spectrum.

Take a look into Tata Photon Max, MTS Ultra and Airtel 4G's tariff comparison in Rs per GiB data:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your Poor Experience With Small E-commerce Site May be Due to Courier Franchisees

Earlier I posted about BookMyWish.com - a small e-commerce site based on Ahmedabad which uses Infibeam's e-commerce platform BuildABazaar. BMW is pretty good, at least that was my first experience. Cheap price + delivery via DTDC - I liked it.

I find that BMW has a unique USP, very low price in Belts, wristwatches with good quality of products (NOT branded and NOT Very Good quality). But these products are ideal for my daily use, which goes rough & tough of my daily work.

My last shopping on BMW did not worked very well. It took 15 days to get the stuff.

Aircel Unlimited 3G Plans: Get a New Life with Endless Possibilites

Almost one and half year back Opera Software India conducted a contest of Opera Mini tagline. The winning tagline was 'Rocket in your pocket'. But that time pocket mein rocket was just another tagline for Indian mobile users, as operators just started rolling out 3G services in few cities and 3G tariff was ahh... a bit high and out of reach of most of the subscribers.

But now you can say it is true and you really can enjoy pocket mein rocket, thanks to Aircel's new Pocket Internet Smart: 3G unlimited packs. If you can remember Aircel was pioneer in revolutionizing 2G aka GPRS/EDGE data segment as Aircel started offering true internet access (not just WAP) on mobile phones with their innovative Pocket Internet Unlimited 2G data packs. 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

E-Commerce: My Latest Encounters

Last year December I put a story that book prices over Flipkart is not the cheapest, while Infibeam & Indiaplaza is offering a way cheaper than Flipkart.

After 4 months, TimesofIndia agrees with me, as they covered a story - Flipkart faces heat of rivals’ discounts. The article says people over India are now more aware to get the cheapest deal online.

Now a days I buy books online, after comparing prices over Indiabookstore.net. From my last some purchases I find that books are cheapest on Homeshop18 (on basis of April-May shopping). While Indiaplaza comes second on pricing, but delivers fast (in 2-4 days)

While to get online comparison of other stuffs (eg: Pendrive, mobile phones, camera etc) I use Google. Well here is a catch, select the model you like to buy and search like this: 'Micromax A73 shop' on Google (India). Google will reveal the product pages of top Indian sites - Naaptol, Saholic, Flipkart, Indiaplaza, Sulekha, Snapdeal, Letsbuy, Homeshop18 and many more.

Why is Airtel Shouting 4G Network Can Offer Max 40Mbps?

Many people are asking a question regarding Airtel 4G launch, that is why Airtel is saying its LTE-TDD network can provide upto 40 Mbps downlink and upto 20 Mbps uplink while most of LTE carriers over the globe are shouting about 100Mbps speed.

With Airtel's promise to deliver upto 40Mbps downlink, I checked out that during launch events at Kolkata Airtel 4G delivered around 32Mbps, while at Bengaluru launch event it was around 38Mbps as speedtest.net results say. But upload speed is not so good, on average 8Mbps.

at Bengaluru
at Kolkata

After weeks of Airtel 4G launch at Kolkata, I got an opportunity to try out Airtel 4G. That was kind of real time test zone, as there was another 4 people accessing Airtel 4G along with me. I got around 1.9MiB/s ~ 16Mbps. That is pretty good.