Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Samsung Galxy Pocket - Champ with Android Inside?

Smartphone market is booming in India, though late but it is happening. But 3G is not the factor behind this happening, rather people buy a 3G enabled smartphone but do not opt for 3G.

Today I came across an article by Economics Times saying that Samsung is coming up with cheaper smartphones in India.

Samsung already flooded the market here with its Galaxy branded Android smartphones - a lot of them are below 15K INR like Galaxy 3, G5, G Ace, G Min/Pop, G Y, G Y Pro, G Y Duos, G Ace 2. But the worst part is Samsung is not withdrawing older models nor these models get a price cut. Say for example Galaxy 3 - one of the popular economic Android device in 2011 is still selling at 8K. This phone has a 667 MHz processor while new Galaxy Y comes with 832 MHz processor and priced at 7.5K.

Plain and simple 3G phones with video calling facility with front camera + high speed data access are not the only criteria when people are buying a 3G phone. Here in India people want everything in a single handset - GPS/3G/WiFi/Wifi hotspot/Bluetooth/Mp3 playback/video playback/FM/FM recording/voice recording and oh yes dual sim smartphones.

And here indigenous players are rocking - Spice and Micromax is getting momentum. And Nokia-killer Samsung, at least in the smartphone market is not seeing it good.

Well what can be the new cheap smartphones from Samsung?
I guess it is Champ phones with Android & better processor inside. Check this one - Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

If you are looking for some sexy Androids, you must choose HTC or Sony Ericsson. I am not recommending Motorola in India, unless you import some Motorola Droid from US.

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