Monday, February 27, 2012

When Batman and Cricket Mixed Up

I have a habit to check the updates on The Dark Knight Rises, be it on facebook group or via Google news! Interestingly I find this time a search result for TheDarkKnightRises which is:
The Bane of Indian cricket
The Indian cricket team would do well to read stories from the Batman saga to overcome its current bad form

Something related to cricket is mixed up with batman - sounds very interesting to me and I go to the page on livemint. If you are an Indian and cricket maniac and a fan of batman or fan of Chris Nolan's films must read this article by Sandipan Deb. While you may find it unusual to compare the things, do not forget to enjoy this comparison between a outdoor game and a comic hero! If you already saw the trailers of The Dark Knight Rises, you must know the trailer starts with a rugby playground. :O 

Well if I brief up the stuff it is something like - 'Why do we fall? So we can learn pick ourselves up' which came many times in the batman series by Mr. Nolan.
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