Sunday, February 05, 2012

I Am Bored With Socializing Over Internet

Recently I came across an article on The Telegraph UK - saying teens and young people are getting bored with social networking. I feel it is true for me also. I am in the age group of 19-25 years and I am professionally a medical student and a telecom writer. For both of my professional interest I feel best places to gain knowledge is not facebook, rather I experience that traditional forums are working best for me.

At a point I feel email is the best option to be connected with friends and sometimes chat on GMail! works good for me. Most importantly I can able
to search the old messages and chats on GMail. Twitter is another way to be in touch with my friends of But still I had to be on facebook as most of my school friends, relatives and some ;) friends are there and posted status, uploads pic and poke me regarding many stuffs. I often do not find anything interesting about facebook.

Orkut is recently turned dead for me, but I can not delete it now. I insist to say 'recently died' because I was a great follower of BSNL Broadband & EVDO ** community over Orkut. There was another awesome community of Opera Browser which was inactive from almost 2 years, and I was an active member of Bengali Slangs (actual community & rebel community) which migrated to facebook. There was another very good community called Full Movie Downloads ** where members posted all new releases on bittorrent.

Interestingly The Telegraph India published a story today - teenagers are slowly migrating to twitter. Well the story explains that on facebook anyone be it their parents, parents' friends, teachers and relatives are turning into their friend list and all it takes invasion of their privacy. In India teenagers' parents are in most of the cases, are not that tech savvy so problem does not exist.

** These are active community still serving its members! 
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