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How to Unlock ZTE EVDO Modems?

I have plan to write down on this topic but did not able to make it because of various factors. We all know how to unlock GSM - 2G/3G modems and it is not very tough to do. There are many resellers who sell unlocked 3G/HSPA modems at a very low cost. Check out Nirav Soni's website - for more details on 3G modem unlocking. As the site is still in a nascent stage, move to for more updates.

Now coming back to EVDO modem unlock! I think unlocking evdo modems are more important beacuse of some reasons:

  1. In India EVDO based data cards are more popular than 3G data cards. Indian CDMA players like Reliance, Tata, MTS and BSNL offers EVDO based high speed data at cheaper tariff.
  2. These data cards store the operators' settings inside memory of the data card, i.e. by default they do not support RUIM cards. That makes hard to unlock them. 
  3. In case you like not to use the operator's data service, the data card is totally waste as you can not use it with other CDMA RUIM*.
* Currently only BSNL allows to use your data card with BSNL CDMA RUIM for data services (1X/EVDO).

Anyway I made enough introduction!

Head to original post - How to Unlock ZTE AC2766, AC8720, AC2746 [old version #] 

# [[old ver 2746 have Qsc6085 cpu and new one have Mdm6085 cpu]]

How to unlock ZTE AC2746 [new version] - GSMHosting

**NOTE: All these modems are sold by MTS India. MTS came to know about this unlocking stuffs, and hence they had withdrawn AC2766 model which has a inbuilt RUIM slot. I am not sure about AC8720 but I guess it also has a RUIM slot, but AC2746 (MTS MBlaze and Vodafone Netcruise) has no RUIM slot! So after you unlock this data card please visit a mobile repairing shop where you can put a RUIM slot at around Rs 200. Also note that only Reliance, BSNL and MTS sell ZTE modems - so these procedures may work on any ZTE ACXXXX modem, but try at your own risk. Do not try this on Tata Photon+ Huawei modems.**

First unlocking method will not erase the inbuilt operator data, but enable the RUIM slot - so the data card will work as dual mode with RUIM preference.

But as I went through the discussion of the second link, it is sure that actual operator's data will be lost during unlocking process. So for that reason I am simplifying the whole thing.

 ---------Unlocking AC2746 NewVersion----------

1. Before Unlock Read ESN & Min Number AND network Setting Using CDMA WORKSHOP and nv file also . Now After Unlock Write NV then ESN & Min and network Setting. [So both inbuilt & RUIM based data connection can be used after unlock]

2. Download this -

3. Install Common Downloader and select this folder - MDM6085-1_LU8ADA06, Check Erase EFS and Download/Start. It will remove all existing settings inside AC2746.

4. Now open CDMA Workshop [link on 4Shared] and enable RUIM. com port of modem and connect info to check tht connected sucessfully or not
4.go to security tab
5.put spc code 000000(by default spc of 2746 old ver,2766 nd 8720 is six time 0) and send spc u got a message (spc is correct phone unlocked).
6.go to others tab in ruim config section select ruim if avail then write
(u got message sucess)
5.   Now After Unlock Write NV then ESN & Min and network Setting.
6.  The modem does not have a dashboard in built. So plug and play will not work. After Unlock Use this Dashboard Writer and write Dashboard On Modem with the Dashboard Ac27xx.iso.

Disclaimer: I do not have AC2746 and I did not test the procedure. I just simplify the procedure as the original thread says. So always visit the original threads before unlocking. If after unlocking your modem turns a brick or a transformer robot [!] I am not held responsible.

For any trouble or confusion please drop a comment here, so that I can add the solutions here.
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