Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Unlock ZTE EVDO Modems?

I have plan to write down on this topic but did not able to make it because of various factors. We all know how to unlock GSM - 2G/3G modems and it is not very tough to do. There are many resellers who sell unlocked 3G/HSPA modems at a very low cost. Check out Nirav Soni's website - for more details on 3G modem unlocking. As the site is still in a nascent stage, move to for more updates.

Now coming back to EVDO modem unlock! I think unlocking evdo modems are more important beacuse of some reasons:

  1. In India EVDO based data cards are more popular than 3G data cards. Indian CDMA players like Reliance, Tata, MTS and BSNL offers EVDO based high speed data at cheaper tariff.
  2. These data cards store the operators'

Monday, February 27, 2012

When Batman and Cricket Mixed Up

I have a habit to check the updates on The Dark Knight Rises, be it on facebook group or via Google news! Interestingly I find this time a search result for TheDarkKnightRises which is:
The Bane of Indian cricket
The Indian cricket team would do well to read stories from the Batman saga to overcome its current bad form

Something related to cricket is mixed up with batman - sounds very interesting to me and I go to the page on livemint. If you are an Indian and cricket maniac and a fan of batman or fan of Chris Nolan's films must read this article by Sandipan Deb. While you may find it unusual to compare the things, do not forget to enjoy this comparison between a outdoor game and a comic hero! If you already saw the trailers of The Dark Knight Rises, you must know the trailer starts with a rugby playground. :O 

Well if I brief up the stuff it is something like - 'Why do we fall? So we can learn pick ourselves up' which came many times in the batman series by Mr. Nolan.

MTS EVDO Speedtest [Barasat]

My friend Anirban got a scope to try MTS EVDO data services. He lives at Barasat. But anyhow his results are not so good, rather average.

So I guess the distance between the EVDO enabled BTS from his house is in between mid zone to periphery zone [ref to Qualcomm's explanation].

Well for some days MTS network has some issues, like complete black out of network, Net Error during a call and etc.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Compare Books Price in India on

I am not a brand loyal when it comes to select a shop! First thing I bought something from online were books from Flipkart and that's too on COD! Well firs time online shopping is to be done perfectly to build confidence to my family & friends for future recommendation

Flipkart is a great site to be started with! It has excellent pricing & delivery system and Cash-on-Delivery option to build a customer-base.

Soon I find that other sites are also offering books & electronics

EVDO Speed Test 2

In my last two posts I shared the facts that within core area of a BTS coverage you will get awesome speeds.

Post 1 : Qualcomm explains how speed goes down with distance from BTS.
Post 2 : My tests with MTS EVDO - which says that I am very much near to MTS EVDO enabled BTS

Yesterday I went to my friend's house, where I found that speed is not that good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Linux Problems & Solutions List

After having the worst experience on genuine Windows 7 running on a Lenovo laptop I am moving towards Linux. Of course I am trying my hands on with Ubuntu, though some friends told me about Linux Mint! Well I am looking forward to buy a Atom powered netbook to use as default linux machine.

However this is my list of links regarding different problems faced on Ubuntu and their solutions.

1. Sound is very low on Ubuntu - Link via AgniPulse.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Speedtest.Net Results with MTS India EVDO

On my last post I explained why some people are getting slow speed on EVDO. Currently I am using MTS EVDO and see the results, tested with different servers across the world.

It also says why I am so supportive with MTS India & its data services. I am lucky that MTS offers internet packs for voice customers in Kolkata & WB.

Some people simply are not getting high speed with MTS as they are not properly informed regarding

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why Some EVDO Users Having Pathetic Experience?

Being a telecom enthusiast I visit different forums and come across a fact that most tata photon+, reliance netconnect+, mts mblaze and bsnl evdo customers had a bad experience! Even when I bought MTS MBlaze and made a review on I found many comments such as it is pathetic and even some people told that it is a paid review! :O

Lucky that, I did not have any bad experience with EVDO services till date as I used MTS & Reliance.
Today I find that Qualcomm website underwent some makeover and during browsing over the pages I find this figure

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I Am Bored With Socializing Over Internet

Recently I came across an article on The Telegraph UK - saying teens and young people are getting bored with social networking. I feel it is true for me also. I am in the age group of 19-25 years and I am professionally a medical student and a telecom writer. For both of my professional interest I feel best places to gain knowledge is not facebook, rather I experience that traditional forums are working best for me.

At a point I feel email is the best option to be connected with friends and sometimes chat on GMail! works good for me. Most importantly I can able