Friday, December 09, 2011

µTorrent+ - Paid Version of uTorrent

µTorrent plus
This is the latest offering from BitTorrent, and yes it is paid. Thankfully our all time favourite lightweight bittorrent client - uTorrent will always be free of cost. 

We must recall the fact that BitTorrent bought uTorrent in 2006. Following this the basic uTorrent installer size increases with new updates. BitTorrent client also started using uTorrent core and significantly reduced the installer size. And there are some unnecessary features are also added with uTorrent, which I personally do not like. To me uTorrent is the simplest application I have ever met on Windows platform. 

For Indians, uTorrent is a boon to have the all foreign media stuffs easily. Now desi stuffs are also widely available over torrents. Though some may stump these as piracy, being in a 3rd World Country we love to download!

This plus version includes:
  • Integrated BitDefender-based antivirus will scan your downloads for threats.
  • An integrated HD media player displays videos in their full high-definition glory.
  • If the file you’ve found isn’t in a convenient format, then uTorrent Plus will quickly transcode it to something else. Initial support for the MPEG-4, H.264, Theora, and VP8 video codecs, and MP3, AAC and AC-3 audio codecs should make it easy to convert the file to something Apple, Android or just generally mobile device-friendly.
  • And if you’re away from home then you’ll be able to use the uTorrent Remote Web service to remotely access and download any file from your home torrent library (once you’ve set the feature up, anyway).

More details of uTorrent plus.
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