Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TechTree Reviews Ra.One, Rockstar, Kunal Guha's Review System Unscientific

Long waited SRK film Ra.One came to cinemas in Diwali 2011. With its promos it did not impress me. But I had to see this crap because of my family who wanted some celebration of Diwali+Weekend!

I watched it, but can not digest it at all! It is a super crap! That time I liked to have some expert comments! So I googled it! Taran Adarsh gave it good marks - that is kind of well gesture to SRK, and some kind of paid review as I thought.

I also found Kunal Guha's blog on Yahoo!, who covers the film reviews on Yahoo! He gave it 'NOT EVEN ONE'. That is the truth of Ra.One it can not be tolerated by any people except SRK and SRK's dumbhead family & people from his production house!

But the most important & surprising thing is I find even Technology site TechTree did a review of Ra.One!!!!

Today I find they also covered a review of Rockstar !! I checked how they rate. They rate the film with some categories: Plot, Performances, Visuals, Sound, and Mojo. And at the end they make a overall marking with the film. Read the excellent review of Rockstar on DNAIndia.

My point is this is the way to rate a film or anything. Break down the points and make a over all impression by averaging the total score! This is also proves why Kunal Guha's review is unscientific! :P I agree that his review writings are good read. He rates the film as he likes or dislikes. So watch out his reviews when you are going to watch a film with mixed review! Otherwise skip it!

Update: TechTree did a review of The Adventures of Tintin
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