Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reliance EVDO - It is Cool & Fast

So I started digging out EVDO/CDMA operators in my town. And see what I got with Reliance EVDO.
I was downloading stuffs via IDM and see the screenshot!

It is NetWorx graph, which is better than single IDM screenshot. Max speed was 346kBps and most of the time speed was more than 200KBps! Reliance CDMA truly rocks! :)

Well, last time I used Reliance Netconnect+ dongle and speed was merely 32kBps around, max I got 40kBps. But now Reliance truly is cool and fast!
Other operators like Tata and MTS is on the way to test! Bingo!

As during night hours, the network gets faster but invites frequent disconnection issues, bad for non-resumeable downloads. Try to download via torrents, as it will not give any issue.

Today (28 November, 2011) I am using Reliance EVDO again at night and it is MIXED response. Speed is not that higher. Avg Speed 80-100kBps! But today no disconnection issue! Later speed was increased to 150+ kBps on uTorrent. This time I made a test! See the result!

A long period of downloading & browsing gives me this graph by NetWorx:

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