Thursday, September 22, 2011

MTS offers bonus to customer care exec for convincing subscribers recharge more

I am using MTS mobile since June 2009 and MTS Mblaze dongle (EVDO wireless broadband) since July 2010. MTS at Kolkata as well as in WB is going great. I don't have complain for MTS network.

I use around 120 bucks per month on MTS mobile - which includes daily Re 1 rental for 100 sms per day to any number in India. It is more than MTS's ARPU. So I am high ARPU customer!

But I seldom recharge my MBlaze connection. I just keep it alive by fulfilling their 6 month condition of minimum recharge of 200 bucks. Only plan of MBlaze that I like is Rs 295 for 10 GiB at weekends for 30 days.

Recently I got two calls from MTS asking or pushing me to recharge more.

I go the 1st call from MTS, the person on the other side is certainly an asshole. He started the convo like this: Hello Sir, I am from MTS. Why don't you like to have caller tunes services?
WTF is this! It is my opinion to take these fucking bullshit VASs and who the hell are you I should explain to?!
Whatever I told him just these things more politely and he was sounded like messed up and said: Ok Sir! and  put the phone down! :)

I often get sms and calls from MTS's MBlaze section. They call me for changing my prepaid account to postpaid ones or informing me to send home services of MBlaze recharges (= they push me for recharge soon). But this time a Sumit called me and asked: Sir, when will you recharge your mblaze account. I told him that I want more data usage at cheaper price & validity can be of 7 days and as MTS has no such plans except STV295 I do not like recharge it anytime soon. He started luring me with plans which are crap with FUP of 1GB & then speed throttling. I told him I want speedy connection and MTS 1x network is already congested with voice customers. That time he started fumbling as I think he did not have this technical knowledge, and asked the same question again, when will you recharge? I told not any time soon....

After these 2 calls attended by me, I think MTS is pushing its CC execs for convincing customers for more recharges ! :)

What do you think ?