Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Online Order from Flipkart, Behind-the-Desk Story of Flipkart

Recenlty I have done my 1st online shopping with Flipkart(FK). It was real good as I got the books within a week in 2 installments. I paid via Cash-On-Delivery (COD). FK use selft-delivery system for books, a person from FK will deliver the books to you and take the payment from you in cash.

Later I order a headphone which is told to be shipped via First Flight. The item will be delivered within 7 days to me.
How FK COD works:
1. place the order & it will be texted to your mobile.
2. FK will call u to confirm it (for 1st time only).
3. your FK COD status will be approved and the stuff will be shipped.
4. stuff will be delivered, and you pay on cash only to the person.

Previously my cousin introduced Indiaplaza to me, that was long time back. I registered with them, occasionally get free coupons for discounts on shopping on Indiaplaza. But frankly they are not good enough to lure me to buy something. Secondly I do not have the luxury to use credit card or online banking.

Now I feel FK is doing great job, and is a mile ahead of race with other online shopping site (OSS). It offers COD free of cost to almost every cities of India and its surroundings. I insist on 'surroundings' because most OSS do not offer COD at my place, but Flipkart does.

A good read: The Flipkart Story – All You Need To Know [Unofficially]

I checked out then-only-book-seller FK, probably middle of 2010. I bookmarked it and left. In the begining of 2011, FK had a makeover - with new logo, Flipkart starts selling other items indluding music, games, movies, computer, mobile, camera, home stuffs.

From the about us section of FK: FK was founded in 2007 and that time FK was selling only books.

Plugged.in reports that Amazon which has plans to enter India in 2012 had an acquisition plan for Flipkart.

Plugged.in got a tipster who informed that last year one of FK founders was in US to negotiate the deal. However deal could not be materalized as FK asked high buyout price. And it can be the catalyst behind FK's foray into e-commerce of all stuffs to give a good competition to Amazon when it will launch in India.

In my next story I will make a list of online sellers with attractive offers and tricks of online shopping.
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