Friday, June 24, 2011

Problems With ZTE Modems and Solutions

Before you read it, please be informed that never buy or recommend ZTE GSM-3G/HSPA/HSDPA/HSUPA modems. ZTE modems/data cards are good enough for EVDO/CDMA-1x devices, but not for GSM ones! For 3G/HSPA modems go for Huawei ones!

I am currently using ZTE MF190 – the similar device offered by Reliance 3G in India or Cell-C in South Africa. It is a HSUPA device – supports upto 5.76 Mbps uplink and upto 7.2 Mbps downlink. 

There are many problems you may face with the device, the problems are similar to many other ZTE 3G modems. First of all ZTE modems come up with a UI/dashboard which does not support USSD. 

To run USSD on ZTE modems, I tried to use AT-commands using different softwares like HyperTerminal or Putty. All tests went in vain. At last I got MDMA (, which supports ZTE modems partially. Under QoS you can not see speed
cap set by the operator on your SIM. But with MDMA you can run USSD and can check balance easily without removing the SIM from the modem and putting it on the handset. To run MDMA you have shut down the main dashboard of the ZTE. Note that most Huawei
modems work fine with MDMA. 

At this point, I would like to share another BIG BIG problem with ZTE modems. Following successful installation of the drivers, dashboard of the modem you may found the UI is not running and you can not able to connect to internet.

Error Messages you will see: 

  1. Exception EOleException in module DLL_NETCARD_R.DLL at 00054F3E
  2. Access violation at address 00504D38 in module 'UIMain.exe'. Read of address 000052EC
  3. EAccessViolation
The blue numbers vary from computer to computer. And UIMain.exe can be replaced by Modem.exe or Data Card.exe

Uninstall and Re-installing of the modem will not help with this problem.

There was a PDF on ZTE Australia site ( – but now the link is not working. 

It said that you may have this problem if you enable compatibility mode. The solution is simple. 

    Right click on the desktop shortcut of the UI &; Click on Compatibility Tab &; Deselect the option of Run this program in compatibility mode for. You are done! 

 Whenever you find out this problem, please check the above thing first! 

If the problem still persists, read below: 

The problem is that Microsoft Jet 4.0 is not working well. So download Jet4.0 offered by ZTE Colombia -

My problem was solved after installing this program. 

Otherwise you can also download the following file from the microsoft page: Run the downloaded file and run the program again the ZTE modem and/or reinstall the software of the card.

If more problems are faced by me, will be updated here. 
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