Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digest: Android of Laptop, RIP Flock, Opera 11.10

For last few hours I went through some news. I like to share these:

Let Android Power Your Netbook via Tech2

I am not adding more to it. But certainly it is a good news for those are like to try Android by any means.

Flock, the social browser died, as Zynga infected it! via FavBrowser. R.I.P. Flock

Just to add, Flock was aquired by Zynga. Yeah Zynga is the company that makes Ville games. Thank god, I am now not addicted to Farmville! Zynga will deploy Flock developers to develop social games. Whatever I am never a fan of Flock or Firefox! (but I support Mozilla and its Firefox to kill IE. ) Interesting news is RockMelt (some people think it's the new face of socialism :P ) - Chromium based browser released Beta 2.

Oh damn Opera released its v11.10 of desktop legend. via Desktop Team Blog

New Opera is fast, well on my machine I experiencing it! New speed dial and new Turbo is just rocking !
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