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Uninor Kolkata Prepaid Plan

So at last Uninor [ wikipedia ] launched its services in Kolkata and West Bengal on 1st June through a press conference.

On Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 Uninor rolled out its operations simultaneously in five circles — West Bengal, Kolkata, Maharashtra and Goa, Mumbai and Gujarat — and is gearing up to roll out services in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in the next phase of expansion. Press Release (pdf).

Uninor has licence for operations over 22 circles of India, but still they did not receive spectrum for Delhi and major cities in North East. Security checking also causes delay to launching over India for Uninor.

Uninor is looking at around 8% market share in the country by 2018, achieve cash flow positive in five years and EBITDA breakeven in three years.

Uninor connections (only prepaid at the moment) will be available at over 11,000 points of sale through about 35 distributors and at 16 exclusive shops in Kolkata. This, according to Uninor's executive vice president, Kolkata Hub, Akash Das, is the largest ever launch distribution in the city achieved by any GSM operator in India. For customer, it means a Uninor connection is available right next door -- at a supermarket, a kirana shop, chemist, local mobile outlet, an exclusive Uninor shop.

“Uninor’s network is brand new with the most modern equipment and the very latest IT systems. It’s a congestion free network powered by the latest technology anyone can deploy today. For customers, this will mean superior voice quality, less call drops, maximum first attempt dials and a much better experience overall on our network,” said Rajiv Bawa, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs, Uninor.

Uninor is the brand name of GSM services of Unitech Wireless, a Telenor-Unitech company. Telenor is a Norway-based global telecom company having presence all over the globe, noted to be present in Bangladesh and Pakistan. In Bangladesh Telenor offers services under brand name of Grameenphone, and in Pakistan it is branded as Telenor Pakistan. Unitech is India's real estate major.

Uninor while debuts in India, came with some bullshit plan - 29p/local min and 49p/STD min with per call 39p call setup charge or daily rental Rs2 ! People starts saying Uninor a global telecom company has no taste for local. As this plan failed miserably, though there are always some people who tries new operator, Uninor comes with '24x7 Changing Discount Plan' or DP. This tariff model is already tested in Bangladesh.

 24x7 Changing Discount Plan - Uninor Page

Price Rs 48, 
Talktime Rs 10
Customer will enjoy this DP facility for 365 days.
Local calls 50p/min and you can get 5- 60% discount, based upon location and time of calling. Not applicable when roaming.
STD calls - 50p/min
SMS local and STD - 25p 

Uninor's innovative dynamic pricing called ‘24x7 badalta discount scheme: 
Uninor will offer call discounts that will change from 5% to 60% with location and with time – with each cell phone tower broadcasting a different discount. At the same location, the discount will change every hour.

This means, if you are in an area where the tower is less utilized, you would get more discount for call initiated from that tower. If you are in an area where the local tower connected with your mobile is more busy, you would get less discount. The discount offer in particular area will flash on your mobile. Suppose you are in area “A”, your mobile phone screen will show: “40% discount”, and if you are in area “B”, it will show “5% discount”. If you dial a call from area “A” and continuing that call if you move ahead to area “B”, you will be charged discounted rate of area “A”. If the tower of your area is utilized more at 18:00 hour, you will get less discount in that hour at that place, but if in same area, at same place, the same tower is less utilized at suppose 23:00 hours, then you will get higher discount at that time. This scheme will be applicable to all local calls.

Discounts are calculated by an intelligent ‘Discount Engine’ that relies on state-of-the-art IT systems to continuously monitor traffic at every tower in the network. Applicable discounts based on real time network traffic at every individual tower are broadcast to all mobile phone screens under the coverage of that tower. The system also ensures that the discount at which a call is originated is maintained through the duration of the call – even if the customer moves from the coverage of that tower to the next.

Under the ‘24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)’, customers will be able to avail a discount on their calls that ranges from 5% to as much as 60%, depending on their location and time at which they call – so simply by crossing a street, at the next local station or 1 hour later at the same location. This discount will be applicable on a standard base call rate of 50 paisa per minute for any local call, Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator. This means a 1-minute local call could cost as low as 20 paisa and never more than 50 paisa. [Source: DeshGujarat]

 Uninor Kolkata launch ( Rediff coverage )

I would like to take Uninor connection to test how good is their network and specially to taste this Discount plan.

Start up kit comes at Rs 49 includes SIM with lifetime validity* and basic 'Uninor 60' plan which is offering all local and STD calls and SMS @60p and MMS @Rs 5 and GPRS @ 10p/10kb.

You can also manage your fancy mobile number selecting last 5 digit of your uninor mobile number.

I found Retailers are selling Uninor connection with DP @ just Rs 70 which includes Rs 65 talktime.

* Uninor sim-cards come with Real Life time validity which means that to continue receiving incoming calls you need not recharge it compulsorily as other operators have that clause of “Recharge with Rs.200 in every 6 months” to continue with Lifetime validity.


Rs 7  all Uninor to Uninor SMS at 1 paisa per SMS. All SMS messages from Uninor to any other network locally and nationally will be charged at 11 paise per SMS. valid for 30 days.
Rs 13 1,00,000 FREE Uninor to Uninor local SMS. All other local & national SMS will be available at 11p. Post 1 lakh sms, local uninor SMS will be available at 1p per SMS. The STV and its benefits are valid for 30 days. But when I called Uninor care, he said 1 lakh local SMS to any network comes with Rs 13 pack. may be this is for Kolkata.
* As I do facebook via SMS, only local SMS pack will not help me! :(  
Rs 16 After first two paid smses at 50p each (Local or National), 100 Local and STD SMS will be FREE, post free usage customer will be charged at 50p/sms. valid for 30 days.

Uninor's first recharge coupons FRC offering extra talktime like Rs 50 recharge offers Rs 55 talktime.
Full talk value on ATM recharge. 
Uninor Recharge Table - click here

Talk Unlimited Plan - Uninor Page

[ As I talked to Uninor Care ( 90620 90620 ) on 2nd June, 2010 they did not confirm these packs in Kolkata and WB. ]

  1. Rs 37, Get Uninor to Uninor 2000 local free minutes;  local onnet beyond free limit, other local and all STD @49p/min for 30 days.
  2.  Rs 38, Get Uninor to Uninor 12,0000 local free seconds; local onnet beyond free limit, other local and all STD @1p/sec for 30 days.
  3.  Rs 197, Get Uninor to Uninor 2000 local free minutes, 700 local minutes to other networks; beyond free limit local and all STD @49p/min for 30 days.
  4.  Rs 198, Get Uninor to Uninor 12,0000 local free seconds; 700 local minutes to other networks; beyond free limit local and all STD @1p/sec for 30 days. 

GPRS - pre-activated on every Uninor connection. NOT AVAILABLE IN KOLKATA AT PRESENT, BUT COMING SOON. Uninor GPRS Page
Base plan offering free unlimited browsing on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Charge on other sites 10p/10kb.
  1. MyConnect 9 - Rs 9/- offers 60 MB for 3 days. 10p/10kb after free usage limit.
  2. MyConnect 90 - Rs 90/- offers 3GB for 30 days. 10p/10kb after free usage limit.    
Uninor on Twitter and Facebook

As per news from Financial Chronicle, David Meneghello, executive vice president (Marketing) told, “We have a state-of-the-art Telenor VAS Lab in Kuala Lumpur. This is like our Asian VAS Lab... working on developing India-centric VAS.”

Just Added: I called Uninor care from my MTS connection, as I could not laid my hands on Uninor SIM. The customer care executive gave me a no. to use in Uninor store for having extra privilege. So I am eager to visit a Uninor store very soon. I am planning to take a Uninor connection with fancy number.

Kolkata Office
Unitech Wireless (East) Pvt. Ltd.
Asyst Park, 6th. Floor,Block GN, Plot-EP 37/1,Sector v,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700 091

Customer Service Head
Unitech Wireless (Tamil Nadu) Pvt. Ltd
Ground Floor, Masterpiece,
Sector 54, DLF Golf Course Road, (opp Hotel Ibis),
Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India
Phone 0124-3329000

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