Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indian Users Slowing Moving to Facebook!

If you check recent trends.... orkut users of India are gradually moving to facebook. facebook is going to be face of India's social networking. ( i am not considering twitter , and other Indian SNSs like zapak, bigadda, ibibo, indyarocks etc)Why ? I asked myself and my friends and find out following points in favor of facebook:

1. Facebook has differential approach to pc users, mobile users, sms users (specially for 3rd world countries), different mobile handset users (specific handset settings like iPhone)
2. community of orkut can be accessed via while is more advanced
3. as fb offers devilery of sms updates to most of Indian carriers it gains more popularity than orkut.
4. new orkut theme - that sucks completely/
6. people get bored with orkut.

7. fb apps like farmville, mafia wars are better than orkut apps
8. u can manage fb via sms - not paying Rs 3/SMS !
9. u can reply, upload photos via mail to fb
10. Indian carriers like fb - RCOM and Videocon offering free fb access via; Tata Docomo offering free fb BuddyNet users; Uninor also offering free fb access without any pack.
11. most handsets ranging from Nokia to local Micromax, Lava etc have dedicated fb button of special app for easy access.
12. u can update status which remains live even if u update new status, and people can comment on it!

Add more points why Orkut users migrating to Facebook! Comment on guys!
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