Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fix 12gn6id2.exe

Recently my PC got infected with 12gn6id2.exe

Drives are opening a new explorer when double clicked.
Hidden files can't be seen after enabling it! :(

Best solution found on:

If you get confused on the site what to download :
But I recommend you to visit the site and download updated(if any) virus removal tool !

How to use the downloaded 'PeeTechFix-Win32.PSW.OnlineGames' >>>

extract, read the 'read me.txt' and go on!
use this app on SAFE MODE otherwise malware remains persistant!
Restart after the tool has done the work!
Machine will be fine! :)
and delete the  '12gn6id2.exe' and 'autorun.inf' from each drive !
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