Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tata Teleservices – Internet Offerings

Yesterday I visited TTSL’s website to check their Photon+ services. But at the 1st look I got so confused !! So making a made easy for all. I counted internet offerings from Tata, omited TTML’s offerings.

  • Photon Pro : ADSL 2+ technology, wireline Broadband upto 18Mbps
  • Photon+ : CDMA EVDO technology, USB Modem, Wireless Broadband upto 3.1 Mbps
  • Photon Whiz : CDMA 1X technology, USB Modem, wireless internet upto 153kbps
  • Photon+ on Mobile: EVDO based high speed internet on selected handsets. 
  • Internet from Mobile[CDMA 1X] : On-Mobile Handset internet using Tata Indicom CDMA connection
  • Internet through Mobile[CDMA 1X]: using your Tata Indicom CDMA handset, internet on PC/laptop
  • Internet through Walky[CDMA 1X] : using yourTata Walky (wireless landline) , internet on PC/laptop
  • Broadband from TCL [Tata Communications] : Tata Indicom Broadband
  • EDGE-GPRS from Tata Docomo(GSM)
  • GPRS from Virgin Mobile GSM
  • vLink from Virgin Mobile : same to Photon whiz
  • vFlash from Virgin Mobile: same to Photon+
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