Sunday, December 13, 2009

Per second calling - how good is it ?

Recently Uninor has rolled out GSM services with no second-billing which is a Tata-Docomo-set industry norm. Uninor said per-second billing(PSB) is not for all.

yes that's right , PSB is not for all. while earlier most operators offer onnet free calling @ 20p-5p/min , such offers are withdrawn. So for those make longer calls is now paying 60p/min (1p/sec) if opted PSB. Well Tata Docomo, MTS, Aircel, Idea have come with Rs30-Rs 45 STV for local calling @ 1p/2s.

Now PSB coming with lifetime validity or 1 yr validity. But my point is not that. I am not talking on cheaper STV with longer validity. It is fact STD calling is dropped to 50p/min due to Reliance. and Over India SMS rate is also 1p/sms ! but there is not much drop in local calling. It is ranging between 60p/min - 72p/min for Airtel, Vodafone! While Tata Docomo, Aircel, Idea cuts local calls @ 1p/2s for Rs 45 per month ! that's not cheap !!! 

So what do you see? there's still a place to drop local calls. As termination charge is 20p/min so I guess local calls could be 25p/min ! MTS Kolkata MSAVER95 which offers local calls @ 1p/2s (=30p/min) is alright. 'coz PSB must be costlier than PMB(per minute billing). 

what do you say ?

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