Friday, December 04, 2009

3G is Coming: Notes on Handset features

India got the taste of 3G mobile technology from MTNL and BSNL. Both of these telcos are Govt-owned, hence PSU. While MTNL is good in Mumbai & Delhi, BSNL in Kolkata metro is not that good. So I am waiting for private players to enter 3G market, and worst part is 3G auctioning is just like Khuror Kol of Sukumar Ray, It is just not happening out !!
I am waiting for private players' 3G, reason mainly is BSNL's pathetic service in Kolkata, and in my area BSNL has no 3G coverage. And most importantly I don't have a BSNL mobile connection and neither wana take one !
However I am moving beside the topic. I am here to post on 3G standards on Mobile handsets.
Please note for GSM, data services are on different technology like this :
WAP > GPRS > EDGE > 3G UMTS(2Mbps) > 3G HSPA(3.6Mbps) > 7.2Mbps > 10.2Mbps >21Mbps
that's it , when you buy a 3G handset have a look for UMTS or HSPA.
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