Wednesday, May 13, 2009

aXXo torrents - from Mininova or TPB or btjunkie?

where do u download axxo torrents from?
a. mininova b. btjunkie c. the pirate bay d. any other site

if your answer is 'a', change it to "d" .... read my story.

I used to download and search torrents on mininova or btjunkie and I made nickname and search engine integration of these two on my fav Opera also. but now I feel that for torrents uploaded by axxo you should use Darkside_RG site [ ]. You must know that axxo joined mininova later and under his profile on mininova all axxo rips are not listed. on mininova axxo uploaded 356 movies' torrents, though his total uploaded movies are more than 1000!! (Remember ' Mirrors ' was his 1000th torrent. Source: )

On mininova or TPB or Btjunkie, axxo accounts don't have all his rips. even he missed recent ones too!! I don't know why axxo, being a global anonymous brand doing this. may be 'coz he want to promote Darkside_RG.

Come on guys, I got an email from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (due to I did signed up for email updates); saying Passengers DVD will be launched on May 12th. I searched mininova for Passengers and to my surprise no DVD rip was found.
Anyway I thought oh! it will be in 2 days. however last day I don’t have nothing to do and opened all the private trackers, where I have a/c. on Darkside_RG I visited axxo profile - find his new signature.

Just then I came to see his rips. on the 2nd page I found Passengers- DVD rip axxo ( ) ... I just can’t believe that axxo already released that!! and also find Darkside_RG has complete list of axxo rips, here axxo does not miss a single rip and he uploads 1st here.

so next time if u r searching for movie's DVD rip, and guessing there may be an axxo rip, go to Darkside_RG! here u can register (which is free) to see all. .
compare his two a/c on Darkside and Mininova. Darkside link - (Blogger is not approving this link) and Mininova link -

Last thing axxo is taking 2nd break, we all know that - his last torrent is Punisher: War Zone (2008) published on 11th March,2009 on Darkside & Mininova also. but he also comes online on Darkside_RG, if you visit axxo's profile - it says he was online in recent times.

well, it’s my finding, love u axxo!! Please back to work soon....... :)
PS: well I find Passengers aXXo rip is found on TPB and also! but for older aXXo rips i think it's always better to seek in Darkside!
PS 2: some FXG rips are also deleted from Mininova. 
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