Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Experience with Torrents

i am using BSNL home 500c plan from april-may 2008, and as this plan offers night unlimited downlding in between 2-8 AM, i started movie downloading . but there was a conflict in between utorrent & comodo Firewall  . [now its alright ! ] Comodo was installed coz i was not sure about programs accessing internet n 2 cut down bandwidth usage 2 avoid extra bill ! that time (E)-lephant was rocking for Rapidshare downloding (even for free users). but as soon as i get rid of comodo n went wth online armor , i fell in love wth torrents ! wth windows basic scheduler & batch files (add nircmd.exe to it)- connecting net @ 2.02 AM , i started blowing the piracy up ! with Nod32 AV and opera browser, i am not under any firewall at present!

soon rapidshare started to suck everybody ..... nd still it is doing so!

i find aXXo ( , FXM ( , FXG ( , PUKKA ( , Sceret_Myth ( ,  - best uploaders in case of latest hollywood movies. and for old films SeriusShare ( just rocks !

klaxxon ( files are not go0d - start n end credits are often deleted frm the movie ! and size is quite peculiar - sometimes 1005 MB, or 1200MB !!that's disgusting ....

some uplders also good - NewArtRiot , NikonXP , Bugz , StealthMaestro , Flawl3ss , WeeKnight , Dragon Ripper

for Music albums and videos i find Skirgsk  is best.

soon i found bollywood films on public torrents are quite slow n rare ! so i made my entry into a private desi tracker - BWTORRENTS when it offered free registration on the ocassion of india's indipedence day ! i managed to get a/c in exdesi, desibbrg, desidhamal, idesir etc .

as time goes i find SAM-08 , DDR-Bot ( , ) , Cgoaurav007 ( ) upld bollywood films on mininova, so public tracker starts wrking for me ! only BWToRRNT n exdesi serves me now !

i find PUKKA is better pirate than aXXo n now at present aXXo is again in rest (his last post on mininova was on 11th March.2009 ; Punisher-War Zone[2008] ). pukka uploads dvd rips before others n wth better quality.

but as time goes i feel the need of every movie free - as a bengalee i searched for torrents of bangla movies .... best site i found , and still its best is BANGLATORRENTS . well registration is not free here , but wait man , i got into it  when registration was open , as i did in every case!  soon i find bengal-aXXo , well i am hiding his username , but all BanglaTorrent users waiting for his rips ! in most cases he does not do just rip , often he has to do work with  restoration and something on editing so as per skill he is better than any other ripper !

for TV torrents - Visit MV-GRouP's site - registration free and its legal to download ! 

Read my post on how to speed up torrents with minimal approach

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