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Facts of BSNL Broadband (as I find)

Some facts regarding BSNL Broadband , based on my experience (updated on 14.02.2011)

..... so if u r reading this one. please note I live in Kolkata . so facts are based on services at Kolkata.

  • BSNL Broadband is opertional under NIB-I & NIB-II . and these two National Internet Backbones have different IPs , NIB-I IPs start with 59.X.X.X and NIB II IPs look like 117.X.X.X

Watch your IP Address below :

And these two systems are managed differently, as NIB I customers can manage their BB services via or or .

Where NIBII users can manage their service via or (there are another IP based log In site for NIB II - I cant remember that one right now !!). NIB II users can't log in the sites for NIB I, nor do NIB I users !

NIB I is older and more stable network than NIB II , probably 'coz NIB II is more powerful in placing more users causing real time maintainace and problem occurs. All new BB customers are placed on NIB II.
  • BSNL BB has NO Prepaid plans - all plans are Postpaid along with Land line - ADSL technology is used, and in this technology upto 8Mbps bandwidth can be offered. Check the tariffs here 
  • Update: BSNL launched Prepaid plans now - official page

  • MY Plan - the plan i opted now is 'Home 500C' - I think this plan is best for a home, offers free calls and night unlilmited net surfing !
Details of Home 500C plan
Monthly Rental Rs 500/- (+10% S.T.)
Free Calls 175 @ One India Tariff
Free Data transfer 1.5 GB[post free usage 60p/MB 20p/MB*]
Night UL Data transfer : 2-8 AM

Best Plan is now Home 500C+
Monthly Rental Rs 600/- (+10% S.T.)
Free Calls 250 @ One India Tariff
Free Data transfer 2.5 GB [post free usage 50p/MB 20p/MB for 1st 5GB extra usage, then 10p/MB*]
Night UL Data transfer : 2-8 AM

*update from

and I am on NIB-II.
A general Misconception : BSNL counts 1GB as 1024 MB, so 1.5GB= 1536 MB, 2.5GB= 2560MB . so use upto limit, if u calculate 1GB as 1000MB, u r loosing (24 MB X 0.90p)= Rs. 21.6 or (36 MB X 0.80p) = Rs 28.8 or (60MB X 0.80p)= Rs 48. 
well I am happy with this plan .... but Why Should I say BSNL sucks :x

come to next part .....

1. BSNL Broaband Customer Care on phone is worst as their mobile CC. if they ask u they will call back they never will, but 1st time i waited for the sexy voice ;) nd she never call me back :(

2. during 1st 3-5 days of a month u can nt view ur usage details - i mean data usage will not be updated regualrly.

3. after 5th day, u will find some peculiar problems upto 12th of the month! like:
  * when u r dialing to connect it will show 'connecting through Wan miniport PPPoE'
  * verifying ur username and passwrd for a long time
  * or it may ended up it showing 'phone line is busy'
  * if u can connect, ur net activity becomes totally inactive after a few seconds, or may be disconnected automatically. well u like reconnect it and will see 'connecting through Wan miniport PPPoE' . to connect again , u may need to restart modem, wait for ADSL light blinking or even may need to restart ur PC as well . then wait for few minutes to connect to net again for fe minutes - hmm in 5-7minutes u need to do all ur online work !
  * during this time will not open and ask to u to contact administrators. ;-o
I advice everyone to take this as BSNL's funny side, what if you keep downloading every night, so give a sleep to your fav PC !!

4. well u r near to bsnl office, as i am. i went ot their office during 1st months. their answer is same: regular maintainance !

5. if u took modem from bsnl n it screwed u down, get ready lost 7 days for getting a new one frm them. - well this picture is changing , as per my area news, u can get back a new modem within 3days!

6. and often they fail to measure ur data transfer during last hours of the month, so if u r using ur remaining free usage during last hours of a month, make sure dnt cross the limit, they will make it in ur next month's bill.

Still bsnl gives 2Mbps net connection wth 6hrs/day unlimited, if u r clever enough can hack other a/c to be online 24 hrs (provided ur line is not port-binded!). or 20min xtra unlimited evryday. even u don't need to be awake every night to start downld , i do it with windows schedule, nircmd and some batch files (.bat) - this complete schduling in my case includes disconnecting @ 1.58AM, connect @2.02AM, startinf utorrent & IDM, reconnecting if any time net disconnects , shut down machine @8.00AM. 
 [Do NOT ask me here how to hack or how to use 20 min xtra free  - i will tell that on another blog!  The flaw is rectified, no free usage after 8am ]

after talking to my friends i find what people really need now - 2Mbps UL plan. and some people ask for 12-7AM night UL plans - but i think 2-8AM is good, atleast bandwidth is quite free and most people dont knw how to utilize night hours sleeping in their beds .

.... well i am hearing some rumors of 12-7am night UL and upgradation to 4mbps and slashing of BB tariffs for a long time. can't say they r false. as i got them from bsnl officials. but when these r going to implement god knows ...

well thats all ..... happy poila baishakhi '১৪১৬' to all ....
Rudro !

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Disclaimer of this post: The facts could be changed with out any notice and may be different w.r.t. circle, area, exchange etc parameters. 

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