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Anandabazar's website NOT using unicode !! Damn it's sad

নন্দবাজার পত্রিকা [AnandaBazar Patrika] - largest subscribed 1st Class Bengali Daily  ( ভারতে সর্বাধিক প্রচারিত প্রথম শ্রেণীর বাংলা দৈনিক) has its own online presence under
I genrally do not use Internet Explorer except viewing the sites which needs ActiveX support. I always prefer Opera Browser for its awesome customerizing options and good speed !  Though activeX can be opted on Opera via Neptune plug in, I use IE for such sites. Sometimes i also use Firefox with IE-View addon for these sites. At present only activex-supported site in my list is Anandabazar's site. 
Problem with IE 8  :-(
As Microsoft released IE 8, I downloaded it and installed , but Anandabazar site can't be viewed with IE8 , Tab hangs and recovers to a blank tab, even Firefox also hangs to open it with IE View add on !! So I have to rolled back to IE7.
Well, IE 8 is not still a great browser to me. IE8 becomes more sophisticated to manage for me, specially after using Google Chrome. But i am posting it 'coz of the fact Anandabazar still using ActiveX for thier site. It's sick decision to stick to activeX. To view the site , you also need to install Bitstream's Web Font Player automatically , which is detected as virus by a no. of antiviruses , including my Avast! AV. But actully it's not a virus - 'There is no VIRUS in TD Server.' But when ever i try to open this site, i need to shut down my Anti Virus services.
Well they made a solution page -বাংলা না এলে
But this is not a proper solution, probably on Linux you can't open it, as Linux has no IE. Test will be grabbed like this : 

Being the best bengali newspaper as per total no. of reader , I think they should use unicode for their site. Unicode is well supported by most of the browsers. 
Anyway i know my blog is just good-for-nothing , I dont have a good no of readers, still i want the change on Anandabazar's website. Why they are not making the change I don't know. I think they should work on it, it's huge task !
Well I just googled on this topic, and found a good page relevant to my post ! Omnicron Lab , maker of Avro Keyboard (a good program for bengali typing on almost programs ) also telling this fact. Read the topic from OL forum - CLik-iT  .
 'How to open Anandabazar's site on Browsers' 
Basic rule: open this site on Internet explorer keeping your antivirus or firewall stopped. it will then autoinstall Bitstream's Web Font Player on IE. IE 7 will work. IE 8 has issues with it. Reloading the WebFont Player for Internet Explorer (Windows only) 
On Firefox , use IEView or IETab add-on. (Tested !) On Opera, use Neptune plugin [Visit here]
Chrome and Safari will not work! :( and this site works well only on Windows platform, I don't think on Mac or Linux or Unix you could open it easily, may be there are some tricks ! but in a brief on Mac or Linux you will not able to open Anandabazar's site.

BIG UPDATE (dated 24th August, 2010) 

Casually I visited Anandabazar's Wikipedia page where I found a link which is awesome. A proxy of Anandabazar's Unicode version -

I request/recommend you to visit the main page also and sign the petition for Unicode version of ABP! a lot of thanks for Golam M Hossain.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Anandabazar makes the site unicode dependent - new site which is Browser/Hardware/Font independent
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