Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anandabazar's website NOT using unicode !! Damn it's sad

নন্দবাজার পত্রিকা [AnandaBazar Patrika] - largest subscribed 1st Class Bengali Daily  ( ভারতে সর্বাধিক প্রচারিত প্রথম শ্রেণীর বাংলা দৈনিক) has its own online presence under
I genrally do not use Internet Explorer except viewing the sites which needs ActiveX support. I always prefer Opera Browser for its awesome customerizing options and good speed !  Though activeX can be opted on Opera via Neptune plug in, I use IE for such sites. Sometimes i also use Firefox with IE-View addon for these sites. At present only activex-supported site in my list is Anandabazar's site. 
Problem with IE 8  :-(

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Desi Torrents get Importance !!

If u r a who-knows-a-lot-about-torrent guy , u must know about

I am a reader of it for 2 or more months and like it very much. Though it's overseas blog site, it got my attention when an post on Desi Trackers appeared here. [Read it ]

Anyway they recently published a updated tracker list - 2009 and best part is they made a new section called Desi !! That's amazing ....

The list for Desi/Bollywood Trackers

[modified by me] (RapidShare & DDL links)

Expired/ Not working (returning Aug. ‘09)

Adult (Adult) (Adult)

Tolly Experts

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Experience with Torrents

i am using BSNL home 500c plan from april-may 2008, and as this plan offers night unlimited downlding in between 2-8 AM, i started movie downloading . but there was a conflict in between utorrent & comodo Firewall  . [now its alright ! ] Comodo was installed coz i was not sure about programs accessing internet n 2 cut down bandwidth usage 2 avoid extra bill ! that time (E)-lephant was rocking for Rapidshare downloding (even for free users). but as soon as i get rid of comodo n went wth online armor , i fell in love wth torrents ! wth windows basic scheduler & batch files (add nircmd.exe to it)- connecting net @ 2.02 AM , i started blowing the piracy up ! with Nod32 AV and opera browser, i am not under any firewall at present!

soon rapidshare started to suck everybody ..... nd still it is doing so!

i find aXXo ( , FXM ( , FXG ( , PUKKA ( , Sceret_Myth ( ,  - best uploaders in case of latest hollywood movies. and for old films SeriusShare ( just rocks !

klaxxon ( files are not go0d - start n end credits are often deleted frm the movie ! and size is quite peculiar - sometimes 1005 MB, or 1200MB !!that's disgusting ....

some uplders also good - NewArtRiot , NikonXP , Bugz , StealthMaestro , Flawl3ss , WeeKnight , Dragon Ripper

for Music albums and videos i find Skirgsk  is best.

soon i found bollywood films on public torrents are quite slow n rare ! so i made my entry into a private desi tracker - BWTORRENTS when it offered free registration on the ocassion of india's indipedence day ! i managed to get a/c in exdesi, desibbrg, desidhamal, idesir etc .

as time goes i find SAM-08 , DDR-Bot ( , ) , Cgoaurav007 ( ) upld bollywood films on mininova, so public tracker starts wrking for me ! only BWToRRNT n exdesi serves me now !

i find PUKKA is better pirate than aXXo n now at present aXXo is again in rest (his last post on mininova was on 11th March.2009 ; Punisher-War Zone[2008] ). pukka uploads dvd rips before others n wth better quality.

but as time goes i feel the need of every movie free - as a bengalee i searched for torrents of bangla movies .... best site i found , and still its best is BANGLATORRENTS . well registration is not free here , but wait man , i got into it  when registration was open , as i did in every case!  soon i find bengal-aXXo , well i am hiding his username , but all BanglaTorrent users waiting for his rips ! in most cases he does not do just rip , often he has to do work with  restoration and something on editing so as per skill he is better than any other ripper !

for TV torrents - Visit MV-GRouP's site - registration free and its legal to download ! 

Read my post on how to speed up torrents with minimal approach

[]Edit[]  i posted some links - blogger didnt approve it !! sorry ! :( These URL links r  removed. For this, we recommend the Linkification Add-on for Firefox - it will convert these text URLs into clickable links.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

MY 10th Post !!

well this is a celebration time 'coz i am posting my 10th post on blogspot ! 

.... but there is nothing special for this issue   ..... 

I am totally sucked these days in kolkata  - 1. extremely heat  2. no frequent nor'wester  3. excessive mosquito  4. my college schedule  5. my community medicine project ! ..... 

well i need some chilled beer these days ! ohh Jisu when it will be true ....... 

just thinking ! ......  

oh ! i have a plan ! hey dont say i am a bad planner ! my plans r great but they never happen in real ! newy ........ 

I planned to post sumthng on medical studies ! Wow ! but b4 goin to that part , i need some good homework ! is not it ? well let;s see ! 

till then Chill out @ mani square - Khao, Khelo , sob kuch karo @ Rs 21/- 

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Antaheen Torrent - not available now ! Yet another lyrics

.... After analysing 'who r watching my blog' , i find out a no. of people come to my site for searching torrent of Antaheen DVD rip. Sorry to say still no DVD is released and piracy here @ kolkata is not as good as for hollywood movies! and so NO  DVD-rip/any print of Antaheen on internet still ! 

only thing i can provide you now the Torrent Link of Antaheen songs for BANGLATORRENTS  !! But this is not a free site ! so you need to register here ! 

Another place for this songs : LoveUKolkata Blog !! you don't need to register here. 

Ahh ...... well i am posting another lyrics now !! 

সকাল আসে না - sung by Shreyal Ghoshal 

সকাল আসে না , আয়না হাসে না, জানলা খোলা মেঘ, সে ভালবাসে না
না কিছু ভাবি না রোদ এলো কিনা, স্নানের জলে গান, আমি না তুমি না
দিনের পাখিরা ছুঁয়েছে ডানা, রাতের পরীরা ভুল ঠিকানায়...

সকাল আসে না , আয়না হাসে না, একলা খোলা বই, সে ভালবাসে না
জাগে না জাগে না তার চোখ 
জাগে না জাগে না তার চোখ 
ডেকে দেওয়া টুকু আমার হোক, অচেনা অবেলায়
জাগে না জাগে না তার চোখ 
জাগে না জাগে না তার চোখ 
ডেকে দেওয়া টুকু আমার হোক, অচেনা অবেলায়

দিনের পাখিরা ছুঁয়েছে ডানা, রাতের পরীরা ভুল ঠিকানায়...
গোধূলি ভাঙ্গা গা, আমি না তুমি না 
সকাল আসে না , আয়না হাসে না, একলা খোলা বই, সে ভালবাসে না

** copy it and when saving it in notepad, select 'unicode' for Encoding.