Tuesday, February 24, 2009

East Bengal, Rahman, Heath Ledger and ....... My Forensic viva

are they connected all ? 

yep they r .... atleast in my case ! 
on 23rd i had my forensic viva of 3rd sem frm 10AM .... i awak @ 2am to boot my study, and as i used to do ... turn my pc on and start torrnting .... and takin a brief look on my mailbox n orkut scrap ! ..... 
suddenly i remembered 2day ws a football (well i dnt prefer soccer ) match btwn East bengal n Mohan bagan ..... u knw the arch rival of indian football clubs of kolkata ... i alwz supprt EB .. and aftr 10 match EB won against MB trashed them up wth 3-0.. 
thought its a gd luck .... 

strted study n found nothing is previously known 2 me ,as my theo ws jst making new rules and theories of forensic ! downlded 2 notes of Forensic , jst 6hrs b4 the xam ! 1 found 2 b good ........ 

aftr 6am , i got to be xpericend oscar ...... as i dnt hav tv on my home ..... i m totally raped , i think 'fuck' is old word ..is nt it ? so google for oscar live blog .... went 2 oscar's offi site 2 watch red carpet shows n stuck to repeated pressin of F5 on Opera on Gurdian.co.uk 's live oscar blog ... it started !!...... 1st oscar went 2 penelope cruz for best supportin actress in Vicky Cristina Barcelona 

Oscar host Hugh Jackman performs a skit with actress Anne Hathaway during the 81st Academy Awards Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) 

newy i had 2 leav for xam around 8:30 am .... took a public bus n strt reading . oh no jst glaring the pages of txt book ... n my eyes often droppin off for a sleep ! nwy i managed 2 take a look on al most evrythng ! on d way got a txt frm debayan 2 knw Heath Ledger got best supportin actr in the Dark knight ... wow it rox man ! i jst love the movi n the joker too much...... Yo yo !

i feel 2 need celebrate wth chilled beer ..... bt srry 2 say this is fuckin west bengal ... where drinkin in publc trends 2 mak prob n hw i can hav it on a bus ??

reachd my clg .... R G Kar medcl clg ....jst 2 knw Rahman got one .... wow anothr rockin news ! viva strtd nt in tym ... and i m a terminal in my gr... n i jst suckd up by the longest intervl btwn 2 tables of viva ..... aftr d 1st one went so-so .... i need 2 wait 2 hr 2 pack myself up ... fuck fuck fuck ! or i m raped ! newy got news abt Rahman n gulzar got oscars ..... truly indian ...... n wats d deal , my 2nd viva went jst perfect ............ 

in total slumdog kicked out curious case of benjamin button by 8-3 .where in nominations CCBB was ahead at 13-10 .....

dts all guys ..... Jai ho ! ........' In Me, All Your Heart, Dreams On Fire, Higher N Higher'

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My 4th post

well guys i am here 2 post my 4th post !!

my last 3 posts were on PMP shopping guide, Essential tools for XP and how to speed up torrents !

now 'PMP ...' was made after i bought Cowon iAudio u2! as i am out of market research , so dont expect ne update on that !

"Essential ..." : sorry dude ! i am fed up with all new applications ! so no more editing ! and every1 knows wat is best for their pc and wat they need to workout !

Torrent speed up >>> somthing i wana tell u here : wat i posted there all were bullshit !! after using torrents for more than 10 months and down/up-loading 100Gigs per month i find things worth to change for speed up torrents

i am telling that here :
i 'm using ĀµTorrent 1.8.2 now.
Setting 1:
utorrent. go to preference->advanced->search for a option called net_max_half_open(set this value to 80) (default=8). then see the speed
Setting 2:
Global max connection: 1200(as i set for my 2Mbps connection)

max no of connected peer per torrnts : 80(as i set for my 2Mbps connection)

Setting 3:

Download Event ID 4226 Patch from http://www.lvllord.de/?lang=en&url=downloads

If you do not patch TCPIP.sys or elect not to revert changes or not to re-patch your TCPIP.sys, you must reduce/limit to 8 this setting in your BT Client: net.max_halfopen [limit to 8 and cannot exceed 10 if TCPIP.sys is not patched]

Read more about Event ID 4226 Patch

and whoa ! u must b speedier than before ! provided torrent is healthy and ur ISP is workin good ! 

: some external links :


but from this 4th post , i decide to make it more personal ! less technical !

i wll b back soon , aftr my 3rd fuckin sem!

till then keep smiling , stoping cursin d world ! and try 2 strt fuck this silly world wth ur own dick!

c ya,
rdb !!