Friday, February 23, 2018

[Redmi Note 4] Contacts and Dialer Hangs up Frequently [Resolved]

Recently my Redmi Note 4 got upgraded to MIUI Global 9.2 | Stable (NCFMIEK) automatically via the home WiFi, and after the upgrade I found the Contacts and Calling apps are behaving weirdly. They are hanging while I want to make calls. And this is pathetic because phones are meant for making calls primarily.

Defunc. Telecom Blogs & Websites

Once the telecom boom hits India during 2007 and stayed til 2012 there were too many blogs active to deliver telecom updates.

List of the some the almost inactive/completely inactive/down websites/blogs which I used to follow:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Agartala (Tripura) : Food Life

Ujjayanta Palace (উজ্জ্বয়ন্ত প্রাসাদ), Agartala, Tripura
In the end of January 2018, we had a trip to Tripura, specifically its capital Agartala to attend one of our college senior's wedding. 

Apart from visiting the a few tourist spots, I being a foodie just had walks across the city of Agartala. Agartala is a small city, and there are few food joints which can be explored in few sessions if you have partners. 

Lunch on the Day 2 of our trip was planned by us and it was to visit New Ashoka Hotel for their tribal cuisines. If you are already being hit by Kolkata's food places you would find the menu similar to that of Santa's Fantasia. Anyway here it's cheap and I found that tastier. 

We had bamboo biriyani - flavor and smell is just awesome. You might understand that due to bamboo juice infused into the rice and mutton the flavor is bit less salty. However adding salt will be a mistake, as it would kill the actual taste and aroma of it. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Medical Ebo0k Downloading - list of Med_eBook free downloading Sites

Free medical ebooks on pdf are not rare, you may get them on torrent or over file hosting sites. And yes they disappear fast due to less number of downloads. Or you may get a court notice from the publishers and you then have to delete the link. Torrent is best option for sharing medical ebooks but it's not providing best experience.

Here is my list of websites for Medical eBooks (free) (pdf).
Note that not always you can find pdf ebook and here you may find other versions too.

status : active
files are on: 
Status: active
File hosting : itiurl -> / Google drive/ Zippyloads
status : active
files are on: Google drive - often the file is busy with too many visitors.
status : active but less new uploads
files are on: direct download
status: inactive since 2015
files may be lost in many posts.
status : active but less new uploads
files may be lost in many posts.
status: inactive
files may be lost in many posts.
status: seems active
files are on:
status : active
files are on: micloudfiles (required adblocker disabling)
status : active
files are on: nitroflare (often blocked by Indian ISP)
not many medical books
status : active
files are on: userscloud/dailyuploads/filescdn
status: active but not frequent, only free books
hosting: direct url, you may jump into a webpage of full book, mostly no pdf.
**not useful**
status : active
file hosting: required sign up on downloadflix
** old links may not work**
**not recommended**
status : active, less upload, and no recent popular books.
**not useful**

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Telecom 2018: Predictions and Prejudices

2018 can be a crucial year for Indian telecom for many reasons. Anil Ambani will exit telecom, thank god! Rcom's towers (43000+), fiber network (more than 1lac km), spectrum and MCN (248 in total) will be sold to Reliance Jio. 

However RCom holds 262MHz of spectrum across 800/900/1800/2100MHz and Jio will take 122.4MHz spectrum, probably skipping 2100MHz/900MHz. 

With this deal, Reliance Infocomm (later rebranded to Reliance Communications under the ownership of Anil Ambani) which was the brainchild of Mukesh Ambani, goes to the original parent. A circle is completed now.

The deal size is unknown but valuation could be Rs 24000 cr. 

Happy New Year 2018

Thursday, December 14, 2017

airtel 4G Speedtest [December 2017]

Airtel is very much aggressive on 4G after Jio made the industry jerked. Airtel is increasing its 4G coverage in the fastest manner, and deploying VoLTE for cheaper voice options.

Airtel's 4G network is tested in Barrackpore, Kolkata at my home.
Time: around 3:20 am

Apps used: Jio NetVelocity, Meteor by OpenSignal, Okla SpeedtestMy Vodafone's Speed Checker

The average speed on Airtel during that time was : 51.89Mbps !!!!! 

Meteor _by OpenSignal registered massive 81.9Mbps on Airtel 4G!!!

MyVodafone's SpeedChecker rolled Airtel 4G at 54.14Mbps